Open Cam Paper Cup Machine Direct Bottom Feeding [PMC-780]

Open Cam Paper Cup Machine Direct Bottom Feeding [PMC-780]



  • Direct Bottom Feeding
  • Automatic Lubrication Recycles System
  • Open Cam Driving System
  • Automatic Counting System



PMC-780 Fully Automatic Direct Bottom Feeding Open Cam Paper Cup Machine is improved based on the open cam system and Direct Bottom Feeding System. This machine runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding, cup-fan-wall sealing, oiling, and bottom punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and tripping. It is idea equipment for producing drinking cups, market cups, coffee cups, advertising cups, etc. It is widely used for hot drink and beverage.


Model PMC-780
Cup size: 3-12oz(different size mold exchanged)
Suitable paper material: 150-380g/m2(single PE-coated paper)
Capacity: 55-75pcs/min
Power source:: 220V、380V 50HZ(please inform us your power in advanced)
Total power: 4KW
Weight: 2000.00KG
Package size: 2600 x 1350 x 1700 mm
Working Air Source: Air pressure 0.4Mpa;Air out-put:0.6m3/min
A: top diameter:

Min 45mm—Max 90mm

B: bottom diameter

Min 35mm—Max 75mm

C: total height

Min 30mm—Max 115mm

D: bottom knurling depth

Min 4mm—Max 12mm

E: rim diameter

Usually Φ2.5—Φ3

Additional information

Weight 20000 kg
Dimensions 2600 × 1350 × 1700 mm


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